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Welcome to our project section. Here you can find a project car for restoration yourself or by a garage you use. All cars come fully registered in the UK with a V5C document and a UK registration number (number plate) so you don’t have to worry about registering the vehicle and handling paperwork.

The vehicles have been fully imported and registered in the UK; there are no VAT, duty, shipping or registration fees to pay – this has all been done by us.

The cars listed here are being sold as a “project” cars. The cars have not been restored, the car may not be complete and it is likely that work is required.

We will be as descriptive as possible in the listings outlining any work that may be required. We cannot and will not do the work for you – these cars are projects and the work must be done yourself or at an establishment of your choosing.

The vehicle has been described to the best of our ability. We show numerous photos, videos and a detailed textual description of the car.

Any questions at all regarding the cars, don’t hesitate to call us on 01702 820 033.

For Sale: 1966 Arcadian Blue Ford Mustang V8 Auto Coupe PROJECT

We are pleased to offer for sale this 1966 Mustang re-finished in Arcadian blue in the USA with two-tone blue interior and black carpets. She is a V8 and automatic.  The engine is a factory 289 (4700 ccs) with a two-barrel carburetor. The interior as can been seen is of a useable condition but has some loose seams and would benefit from a set of seat covers.  The carpet is in great condition. Also as can be seen in the images and video she is fitted with factory air conditioning.  This has very recently been fully rebuilt and works great [...]

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For Sale: 1965 Ford Mustang V8 Auto Metallic Blue PROJECT

We would like to offer for sale this 1965 Ford Mustang re-finished in metallic blue in the USA. The interior is finished in cream and is in a useable condition.  The carpets are also in useable condition with no tears or rips.  The steering wheel is now showing its age and would benefit from a replacement.  The dash-pad likewise; this being a Texas car the hot sun has done its work and the dash pad is brittle. Under the hood all looks in good order - the V8 left the factory with a 289 V8 but this has been replaced [...]

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SOLD: 1966 Red Ford Mustang V8 Auto Coupe PROJECT

To say we are pleased to offer this '66 Southern state mustang project for sale is an understatement.  This is in our opinion one of the best Mustang projects we have offered for sale. She is finished in bright red with a full black interior.  The paintwork is of a useable condition apart from the rear wheel arches that have some rust in them; however, this is the only rust we can find anywhere on the car. The engine bay, the floor pans, drop off panels in the trunk, torque boxes, and chassis rails are all rust free and have [...]

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SOLD: 1967 Blue Ford Mustang V8 Auto PROJECT

We would like to offer for sale this 1967 Ford Mustang project.  She is a 289 V8 auto finished in Acapulco blue with matching blue interior. As can be seen in the images the interior trim is in a good usable condition - all that needs replacing is the dash pad that has become misshapen due to the strong sun in Texas which is where she originates from. She sits on multi-spoke alloys we also have the fourth one that is not on the car but was taken off due to a flat tire. The underside is in very good [...]

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SOLD: 1965 Red Ford Mustang V8 Manual PROJECT

Due to much interest in our previous project Mustangs, we are pleased to offer for sale this 1965 barn find from Georgia, USA. She is a V8 3-speed manual finished in bright red with black interior.  The last owner had an issue with the rear brakes not working and she was parked up in the late '80s in his barn and there she had sat for the last 30 years until our contacts in the USA found her and persuaded the owner now in his 80's to part with her. The brakes have now been fixed, we put some fresh [...]

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SOLD: 1966 Ford Mustang V8 Auto Turquoise PROJECT

We are pleased to offer for sale this 1966 Ford Mustang project finished in metallic turquoise with matching turquoise interior in great condition. She fires up from cold and runs great as would be expected as she has just had a new Edelbrock 4 barrel carburetor together with a 4 barrel Edelbrock inlet fitted as can been seen in the images of the engine bay. Also fitted are a new Edelbrock water pump fuel pump and fuel filter.  The rest of the engine bay is clean and tidy The interior as said is finished in turquoise with a new black [...]

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SOLD: 1965 Ford Mustang V8 3-Speed Manual PROJECT

We are pleased to offer for sale this 1965 Ford Mustang V8 3-speed manual, finished in metallic turquoise with contrasting white interior trim. She starts right up and runs just fine.  There does not appear to be any water or oil leaks (very unusual on a 54-year-old Mustang). The interior is of a very good usable condition but as would be expected has age related marks.  It would appear the interior carpet has been recently replaced, the dash pad is also in a good condition. She is fitted with a factory radio that works, as do the heater, windshield wipers [...]

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SOLD: 1964 Ford Mustang v8 White Auto PROJECT

We are pleased to offer for sale this 1964 1/2 survivor.  She is a factory built v8 auto with factory power steering.  We have decoded the VIN tag and can confirm she was built on the 15th August 1964 making her one of the very last true 64 1/2 cars. She still has the original hood with the un-turned corners and the chamfered corner light housings - this tells us she has never had any accident damage to her front end Inside the air vent controls have the letter A on them once again 64 1/2. She is finished in [...]

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SOLD: 1966 Ford Mustang V8 “Emberglo” Auto PROJECT

We are pleased to offer for sale this 1966 Mustang V8 auto survivor. This is a one year only model in a one year only color of Emberglo.  She has spent all of her life in the south in the Arizona desert. The only thing under this car on arrival was dry sand, in fact, we have left the trunk to show how she arrived - it's just got sand everywhere. The car appears to have had a new drivers front floor pan but the underside looks in good condition and only slight age related rust on the panel work.  As you would be expected due to the sun [...]

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