At Essex Mustang Centre, we don’t only sell cars – we also provide the full range of workshop services you can expect a car dealership to have.  However, we’re not any car dealership; we specialise in classic cars (and not just Ford Mustangs at that).  Our workshop team have many years of experience in working on these classic vehicles and know them “inside-out”.

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Crash Repair

Before and After crash repair

Before and After crash repair

Essex Mustang Centre now offer full in-house crash repair of all post-war classic vehicles, including fabrication of obsolete and discontinued parts.

Although specialising in ‘64-’74 Ford Mustangs, our body shop is able to undertake any crash repair and finish to the highest standard.

We are able to carry out crash repairs either via insurance payment or private work.  Upgrades, colour changes are also undertaken during the repair process if required.


Essex Mustang Centre have been in the automotive industry for over 20 years, with experience of working on many classic vehicles.  From simple body work and painting to full complete restoration projects.  We also offer custom restoration services for any additional features you would like your classic to have personal to you.

Floor pan restoration repair

This is a passenger side floor pan of a ’66 Mustang with rusted sections that our in-house restoration craftsmen have removed.

We are able to collect your vehicle from you, even if it is unable to be driven on the road.

Across Europe

We have clients on continental Europe from France and Germany that have wanted a full professional restoration of a classic car that they purchased.  We can arrange collection and delivery of the finished project vehicles.

Experienced Professional Craftsmen

Our restoration team includes many experienced professional people that have been in the automotive and classic car industry for many years.

Attention to detail

We have a very fine attention to detail.  We are able to restore your vehicle to its complete original factory configuration and style if you require this, we can also find the correct colour by decoding chassis codes and plates.  Depending on how “original” you want your restoration project will of course depends on how much additional work and parts are required, for example if you have the incorrect engine in your vehicle, we are able to source a replacement engine matching the correct year and model for your vehicle.

Exhaust Systems

Essex Mustang Centre now offer custom hand made exhaust systems for your classic car, supplied and fitted in house.  We can supply and fit rear back boxes to full systems in mild steel or T304 stainless.

We specialise in manufacturing high quality exhaust systems fabricated out of stainless steel or mild steel.  We can create custom systems to exact specifications for all vintage and classic vehicles.  We have many years of experience and all of our staff are fully trained professionals.

Stainless steel exhaust system on Mustang

A stainless steel exhaust system on Mustang

There are different types of stainless steel grading.  A lot of manufacturers will use a grade of stainless steel that may rust over a period of time.  For our stainless exhaust systems, we only use T304 stainless steel, which is a very high grade steel with superior finish and extended life span.

We have a large range of exhaust silencers, and can match almost every factory silencer ever produced.  Therefore, we are able to fabricate high quality and durable systems on almost all classic cars to exact specifications.

We can fabricate exhaust systems to your exact requirements.  A custom system can sometimes even boost the performance of a vehicle, if set-up correctly.  We can advise on the best methods to achieve higher performance if you can provide us with engine output power and other specifications.We have a full in-house exhaust fabrication facility, consisting of pipe bender machines, welding apparatus, high quality piping, brackets and many in-flow boxes, tips & mufflers.  We can fabricate full systems, right from the engine all the way back to the exit.  We can even replace the existing headers on your engine with stainless steel headers or any other headers you may desire.

We undertake most exhaust related work including simple back box fitting, exhaust tip fitting and repair work, even if you don’t require a full system.  Please contact us for a quote.


We offer full classic vehicle servicing.  It doesn’t have to be a Mustang either, you can bring us any classic vehicle and we can service it for you.  Our engineers are highly experienced with classic cars so getting it done “right” won’t be a problem.  Sometimes owners of classic cars like to service it themselves as they feel a modern day workshop won’t have the experience needed for their classic pride and joy, you can rest asure that we do.  Having said that, we can also service a full range of cars including modern day cars too.

What’s included in the service?

Interim service 12,000 miles

  1. Change engine oil and replace oil filter
  2. Change air filter
  3. Check brake fluid (top up if required
  4. Check coolant (top up if required
  5. Check spark plugs adjust gap if needed
  6. Check auto trans fluid (or gear box oil) top up if required
  7. Check power steering fluid levels top up as necessary
  8. Check operation of electrical system (list any faults)
  9. Check operation of braking system (list any faults)
  10. Ccheck general operation of steering and suspension

£195.00 inc vat

Full service 30,000 miles

All that’s included in an interim service plus:

  • Drain coolant and replace with new
  • Replace auto fluid(gear box oil)
  • Replace power steering fluid
  • Change spark plugs /points/condenser
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Check differential oil
  • Check steering and suspension  grease as required
  • Check operation of widow regulators door locks and handles(lubricate as if required)
  • Check exhaust system for fit / condition and leaks
  • Check general condition of bodywork report any corrosion
  • Road test

£395 inc vat

Engine Repair and Overhauls

171 CID 265 CID, 289 CID, 292 and 272 CID 390 and 352 CID, 351 Cleveland and 351 Modified and 302 CID.

Transmission Leaks, Overhauls and Repairs for Shifting

Ford O Matic, C4 and C6 Transmission, Cruise 0 Matic, 4 Speed and 3 Speed Transmissions plus rear end repair and service.

Other Services

  • Drum to Disc Brake conversions
  • Air Conditioning repair and installation
  • suspension updates to improve ride and handling.
  • Steering improvements that includes new control arms
  • rack and pinion installation
  • Steering gear boxes
  • tie rod ends
  • ball joints
  • control arm bushings
  • engine performance
  • installation of crate engines
  • engine overhaul and engine compartment cleaning and paint
  • Aluminum Radiators and Electric Fans

We also offer metal fabrication service. Installing new metal Floor pans, new metal Rocker Panels, Cab Corners, Firewall Replacement, New frame replacement, frame extensions, frame repairs and Quarter Panel replacement, plus repair of rusted areas of the body by installing  patch panels.

If you have questions or ideas we would be excited to take part by assisting you with your project. we invite you to our workshop for a tour and to talk about similar projects that are in progress. You can see our work first hand.

“Find-a-Car” Service

We offer a service to those who don’t have time to search for the car of their dreams themselves or even have the resources.  We will search globally for any car you request, meeting all the specifications you require.  We can import the vehicle, arrange shipping and delivery from anywhere across the globe right to your doorstep – handling all of the paperwork and import procedures for you.

For this service, we only charge 10% of the price landed within the UK; being the purchase price of the vehicle, all shipping, VAT and import duties.

Additional services

  • We can travel anywhere across the globe to view the vehicle on your behalf and report back to you with full details on the condition of the vehicle.  We can then negotiate with the vendor on your behalf if you wish us to do so.
  • Full or partial restoration of the purchased vehicle if required.
  • Sourcing restoration spares for the purchased vehicle.