"Find-a-Part" Part Identification Service

Looking for a part for your Mustang restoration but can't find it online or even know what it's called? 

Unknown part under bonnet of vehicle

We offer a completely free part finder service with no obligations to buy the part once we identify it for you, however, you can of course if you wish.

We have been working on these classic vehicles for over 30 years and have completed many full restorations so know the cars inside-out.  Our team are experienced and very knowledgeable. 

All we need is a detailed description of what you think the part is and where it is placed on the car. 

Some additional details that will be helpful are:

  • What you think the part is
  • Where the part is found on the vehicle
  • The size and shape of the part
  • An image of the part sent to us via email

An image of the part will of course be the most useful.

There are two ways to use the service either over the telephone or via email.  Email is the best because you can attach an image of the part so we may look at it.

By email

Please email us with the requested details above and we will identify the part as quickly as possible for you.


By telephone

You can still use this service over the telephone but we can't obviously see the part in an image so a details explanation of where the part is found and what it looks like will be helpful.

01702 820 033