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64-70 Mustang Roof Parts
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1964-68 Front Roof Brace - Coupe/Fastback

Front Roof Brace - Coupe/Fastback.

After many years on the road your 1964-68 Mustang may have lost some of its rigidity. This front roof brace will add support and integrity to your 1964-68 Mustang's roof and body.

If you are replacing the roof or converting from a Coupe to a Fastback then this part is highly recommend to complete the task.

  • Steel box section
  • Limits flexing of roof panel
  • Forms the support for windshield weatherstrip, headliner & sun visors

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1964-68 Front Roof Brace

1965-66 Fastback Roof Panel

Fastback Roof Panel. 

With prices of Fastbacks rocketing, don't cut corners when restoring yours.  If your roof panel is past its sell by date, rusted through in places or suffering from dimples & dents then look no further than our Fastback roof panel.

This skin is designed to be used with your original bracing.

  • Steel panel offering the same strength and integrity as the original
  • 1 piece panel for easy installation
  • Finished in black primer

1967-68 Fastback Metal Roof Drip Rail Replacement

drip rail replacement Fastback.

One of the most common area's to rust on early was the metal roof drip rail. Now you can replace yours with this metal reproduction.

These are the actual rails that the drip rail moldings attach to (available separately).

  • Sold in pairs
  • Requires welding
  • Quality reproduction

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1967-68 Fastback Drip Rails

1967-68 Fastback Roof Panel

Fastback Roof Panel. 

This steel replacement roof panel for your Fastback is the answer you've been looking for if your existing roof is rusty or dented.  It is a one piece skin designed to eliminate the need for countless repairs to your classic roof and give you back the support and integrity you desire.

  • Finished in black primer
  • Reuse original bracing
  • Easy to fit

1967-68 Rear Roof Brace - Fastback

Rear Roof Brace - Fastback.

An essential part of your 1967-68 Fastback's structure, this part may need replacing to improve your Mustang's integrity.

Also needed to complete a Coupe to Fastback conversion and when replacing the roof panel on your Fastback.

  • Supports the roof
  • Quality steel panel
  • Forms the support for the rear window weatherstrip, headliner & rear quarter trim

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1967-68 Fastback Rear Roof Brace

1969-70 Fastback Roof Panel

1969-1970 Fastback Roof Panel. 

If your 1969-70 Mustang roof is lacking in integrity and needs more support then this item will be an essential part of your restoration.

It is designed to be used as a skin, with your original bracing.

  • Same strength and integrity as original roof
  • Easy to fit
  • Finished in black primer

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1969-70 Roof Panel

1969-70 Front Roof Brace - Fastback

1969-1970 Front Roof Brace.

This necessary part of your 1969-70 structure has been reproduced to fit like the original.  So if your roof is lacking a little integrity you'll certainly want to replace this part.

  • Gives support to windshield weatherstrip, sun visors & headliner.
  • Steel box section
  • Fits Fastback

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1969-70 Front Roof Brace

1969-70 Rear Roof Brace - Fastback

1969-1970 Rear Roof Brace - Fastback. 

Add integrity and support to your Mustang's roof and body with this replacement brace.

An essential part if replacing your Fastback roof panel or converting your Coupe to a Fastback.

  • Supports rear window weatherstrip & headliner.
  • Improves integrity
  • Quality part

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1969-70 Rear Roof Brace
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